WINSTON-SALEM, NC – The second largest agricultural fair in the state is here to stay!

The Dixie Classic Fair announced Wednesday they have a resigned a five-year contract with the company that provides the rides and attractions.

James R. Strates Show delivers and runs the midway, shows, rides, games, and the unique foods you love at the fair.

“Strates Shows and the Strates family are delighted to be part of the time-honored tradition of the Dixie Classic Fair,” said E. James Strates, president of the Strates Shows. “We have worked with the Fair over 50 years, and together we have experienced great change and growth. Our on-going commitment to quality, safety and innovation in addition to our close relationship with the Dixie Classic Fair management makes for a great partnership. We look forward to continuing to bring the spectacular Strates Shows midway, with thrilling rides, prize-winning games of skill and delicious carnival food, to the Dixie Classic Fair and this community.”

And this is not any ordinary year at the fair – the Dixie Classic Fair is celebrating 135 years!

Originally starts in 1882 the fair had 28 exhibitor and families traveled by train, wagon, horseback or on foot to attend. Now, more than 325,000 people come to the fair to enjoy the hundreds of attractions.