APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — A group of heroes came together to save eight little ducklings from a storm drain on Monday afternoon. 

It all started around noon on the Apex Peakway when two electricians noticed a duck acting strangely near a storm drain. 

It turned out to be eight baby ducks - all trapped in the drain. 

Dawn Delventhal and her friend were passing by the area, saw was what happening, and stopped to help.

Shortly after, Apex police officers Newman and Short came to help.

The Apex Fire Department also came to assist.

A nervous mama duck paced around the area during the hours of rescue. 

She was “back and forth crossing the Peakway – flying, walking, frantic, everywhere. We thought she would get hit” by a car, Delventhal said on Facebook. “It got to where one of the police officers would escort her back and forth (the street) when he could.”

After three hours the baby ducks were plucked from the storm drain.

The mother duck helped during the final 20 minutes.

“She helped by talking to her babies and coaxing the final three out of the drain,” Delventhal said on Facebook.

After the eight ducklings were boxed up, the mother “walked us” down to a pond, where they were released, Delventhal said.