WASHINGTON, DC -- It didn't matter if you were republican or democrat.

If you were a lawmaker or not.

This day was just about being a compassionate human being.

And it was on full display at Nationals Park.

They came by the thousands.

"I'm definitely here because of what happened yesterday."

A sign of solidarity for a handful of people who could really use it.

"I still wanted to come out and support our congressmen and women."

And it was incredible from the very first pitch.

That honor went to injured Capitol police officer David Bailey - one of five people shot during baseball practice.

The North Carolina Central grad made his way to the mound to the roar of thousands - a fitting way to kick off an emotional game that wasn't going to disappoint.

At the mound for the republican team - North Carolina representative Mark Walker - repping his Aggie pride with an A&T jersey.

"I'm very proud to represent the Aggies, a little Aggie pride."

It was a game lawmakers were happy to play - just a day after an attack that shook our nation to the core.

"If you allow folks like that to deter you from doing things, good things like this, I think it sends a message and only encourages more behavior like that."

Outside Nationals Park, handwritten messages to the victims - a chance to honor and thank them. And an opportunity to put party affiliation aside - even if for just one day.

"A life is a life. And nobody deserves what happened to him whether I agree with him or not on policies is a whole different ballgame - no pun intended - but nobody deserves what happened to him."

Many are hoping we can all take this moment and learn from it.

"This is the time where we can and we all leave our egos at the door and we leave our titles at the door and we say we are that the greatest nation on earth and we are going to get this done because we're better than that."

If you watched the game, you saw a lot of LSU hats. They were to honor Representative Steve Scalise - a lawmaker from Louisiana.