A little super hero is continuing his mission to thank his real life heroes.

4-year-old Joshua Collins thinks all police officers are Batman, because of their uniforms, boots, and shiny cars. And the fact that they help catch the bad guys.

Joshua has visited several police departments in the last year and even has his own BatKid Facebook page!

On Thursday, he got a special tour of the Clinton Police Department. He met the officers, got his own badge, traded his Batman ball cap for a police hat, was able to climb behind the wheel of the department's new police cruiser, and sit on a police motorcycle!

All of those great adventures plus candy and cookies!

The officers he met say they love to have visitors like Joshua!

"We were all in that position at some point, to meet and get closer to officers and know that we're all good people and we want to help in whatever way we can, to the best we can," says Lt. Jim Campbell.