CHICAGO, Illinois -- A police officer in Chicago came to the rescue Tuesday when a dog fell into Lake Michigan and struggled to get back up on land.

Luckily, the officer got there just in time.

Police were nearby because of a multiple-vehicle crash in the area.

Police believe the dog may have ran out of one of those vehicles and toward the lake.

When a helicopter news crew noticed the dog, he was lapping up water, leaning over the concrete. The dog leaned a little too far and fell into the lake. He started to paddle, but was struggling to get his paws back onto the concrete.

Officer Juan Farris, one of the officers responding to the nearby crash, ran over, got down on the ground, and pulled the dog from the water.

Police brought the dog back to the station. They described him as a good dog and very cooperative. Police are trying to find out if he has an owner.