GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A pair of Guilford County Schools employees were honored tonight at a Greensboro Police Awards Ceremony - for saving a woman's life in February.

A woman crashed through a fence, drove through a playground, and crashed into General Greene Elementary.

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Police said she had a heart attack behind the wheel.

Custodian Calvin Summers and PE teacher Brad Rice jumped into action.

They used a defibrillator at the school and gave the driver CPR until paramedics came.

The men say they were just doing their jobs.

"The kids, as well, were saying we were heroes and all," said Summers. "I just don't look at it as being a hero. I look at it as that's what I was trained to do."

Rice said all their training took over like instinct.

"He [Summers] was doing compressions when I was getting the AED ready. Someone had the fire extinguisher on hand if we needed that and like he said, it was just the training that we've had. It just basically took over," said Rice.

When paramedics showed up, the driver's pulse returned.

She's alive today thanks to the school workers' quick actions.