WICHITA, Kan. -- A 10-year-old girl got a special surprise when her stepdad showed up during after serving a 6-month tour in Iraq.

Caitlin was giving a presentation to her class about her "Welcome Home" sign she was going to give her stepdad when she thought he was coming home in a couple of weeks. In the video, you can see Caitlin is overwhelmed with emotion after giving her presentation and starts to cry. Her mother calls her name and when she turns around, he's standing there.

Like a scene from a movie, she ran up to him and hugged him.

Her mom posted the video on Facebook saying, "The emotion and love in this video she expresses for her stepfather, my husband, brings so much happiness to my heart. Blended families can be tough and raising another man's kids isn't easy but the bond they have is shown in this video!"