Fort Jackson, SC (WLTX) - Fort Jackson turned 100 years old this weekend, and during their celebration Saturday, a father and son were able to see one another for the first time in eight weeks.

Command Sergeant Mayor Rodney O'Dell and his son, Private Jacob Floyd, aren't strangers to having distance between them. O'Dell had been deployed in the past, but this was the first time his son, Floyd, was the one away. Floyd is in basic training at the base.

O'Dell is part of the Army Golden Knights, the parachute team that was performing as part of Saturday's events, putting the two together again for the first time in two months.

But dad decided to play it cool for just a few minutes before the two reunited.

"He doesn't know that I saw him out of the corner of my eye over there just grinning so I prolonged the agony talking to other people," said O'Dell. "It was great seeing the man he has become."

The men exchanged words and smiles but if you ask Floyd what he was looking forward to the most? Pizza and Gatorade. Aside from seeing his father, of course.

Saturday's event featured food, fireworks, and a concert from country star Kellie Pickler.