JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A video featuring a Nemours pediatrician has gone viral.

The video, showing Dr. Chima Matthew trying to cheer up some scared siblings during a hospital visit by dancing, has received ten million views.

The start of our story begins back in August, when 4-year-old Krystlynn Moses and 8-year-old Winter Moses were worried.

They were at Wolfson Children's in Jacksonville with mom Wendy Moses, because 7-year-old Autumn Moses was being treated for strep.

That's when Pediatrician Dr. Chima Matthew came into the room and tried to lighten the mood with dance.

Mom, Wendy Moses, shot the video that's now garnered millions of views and shares.

"We've had World Star, Ellen DeGeneres, Morris Chestnut, Tatiana Ali, a lot of news outlets," Wendy Moses said.

"Dr. Chima," as he's affectionately known, said it's important to above and beyond his basic job duties.

"I always say that medicine with my visits is about 30 seconds or two minutes and then the rest I want to know your GPA, what are your aspirations, what are you doing," Matthew said.

Mom said not much has changed since viral fame hit, except for the new Facebook talent page for the girls and the newfound fame.

"They like the attention," Wendy Moses said. "They like that people recognize them."

As For Dr. Chima, he too has a new fan page where he now posts many of his interactions with his patients. For him, it's about returning the favor for the children he cares about so much.

"I go over and beyond because children go over and beyond to put smiles on my face. It's the least I can do for them," he said.