ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (KTHV) - Former President Bill Clinton is known for doing things his own way and there's no better evidence than this heartwarming picture of him visiting with his high school history teacher.

Before heading back to his home in New York, Clinton decided to take a trip down to southern Arkansas and pay a visit to one of his teachers.

Ace Collins, an Arkadelphia resident, posted the photo on Facebook and explained that Clinton stopped by a nursing home to visit Doctor Paul Root. Even though he was a history teacher back in the day, Root now lives with Alzheimer's at the nursing home.

Collins said the former president made the trip to "simply tell" Root that he "loved him and appreciated all he had done in his life."

"They spent a good part of the afternoon together," Collins said. "Yes, the visitor who went so far out of his way had once been the President of the United States, but yesterday, it was just [a] man and a teacher he loved."

In his post, Collins said the post wasn't political but rather a way to show how much admiration a former student could have for a teacher.

"Do you have someone you need to thank for making an impact? Maybe it's time," Collins said.