GREENSBORO, NC – For Halloween, kids get the chance to be whoever they want, but not all have that privilege. Some families can’t afford to get the perfect costume for a night of trick-or-treating fun.

For the second year in a row, students at Grimsley High School organized a costume drive for the soon to be trick-or-treaters at Gillespie Elementary. Students bring both old and new costumes to help other students.

“Well Halloween is my favorite holiday and we like to promote childhood joy,” explained Grimsley senior Cayley Pinson. “A lot of kids can’t do that because of hard family or financial situations."

The students gave out more than 80 costumes to smiling kids excited to be princesses, fairies, Spiderman or even a pirate!

Students like, Junior April said it's all worth it, “To make sure students are able to enjoy the joy that comes with Halloween so they can be a part of that day after Halloween talking about what they did and all the candy they got.”

WFMY News 2 wishes all kids a candy-filled and safe Halloween!