Two years after it went missing, an evidence technician with Fairfax County police helped return a 1987 class ring to a U.S. Marine colonel stationed in Africa.

In 2014, Col. Gregory McCarthy was living in Burke, Virginia when he became the victim of a robbery.

“The money was never found and after a day or so my class ring from high school was missing with the date of 1987 when I graduated 29 years ago,” Col. McCarthy said.

He never reported the robbery and gave up on ever finding his ring again.

Years later, on March 11, 2016, a Fairfax officer responded to a vehicle break-in and discovered the silver-banded sapphire ring inside the glove compartment.

The ring was then taken into evidence. While evidence like jewelry, drugs and even cars can remain untouched in storage for years, Evidence and Property Technician David Patterson noticed the ring's Bartlesville High School insignia and the inscription "Greg." Patterson then called the high school and found out that McCarthy’s parents still lived in the area.

“My parents called me and said that the high school in Oklahoma…somehow linked me to it,” Col. McCarthy said.

“I think anybody that finds something like this and is able to reunite it, it makes you feel good,” Patterson said.

Col. McCarthy said he is glad to have his ring back.

“How anybody would trace it back to me I have no idea, but I am most grateful,” Col. McCarthy said.