WINSTON-SALEM, NC – After fighting it himself, a Wake Forest senior is now finding a way to help others ‘sock out’ cancer.

When Jake Teitelbaum’s would go to the hospital for treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, there was always one thing that drove him crazy -- boring white socks.

“Each time you’re admitted to the hospital as an in-patient, you’re given a welcome package of sorts: a gown and a pair of poorly made non-slip socks. Initially, I wore those lifeless beige socks and embraced my role as a patient, but the more time I spent in the hospital, the more I started bringing my own socks in. Fun socks. Socks with fish. Socks with dinosaurs. Socks with wolves. And it helped. It may seem ridiculous, but that little change reminded me that ultimately, I was in control of my experience. Whatever the circumstances, no matter how little I wanted to be isolated in the hospital, I could choose to use this as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person,” explained Teitelbaum on the Resilience Project Facebook Page.

After going into remission, he started the Resilience Project Inc. It allows a patient to create a sock and place it for sale on a website. Then half of the proceeds earned go back to the patient to help pay their medical bills.

“Resilience is about lending support to those that need it. We use our passion for fun socks to represent the individual struggle of each patient, and harness the power of community to help those that are especially financially-strapped get the care they need.”

On December 1, Teitelbaum released his first pair of personalized socks designed by Lilli Hicks, 14 and her father Travis Hicks. ‘The Lilli Owl’ socks have an owl on them because they have been a big part of Hick’s care since day one.

If you want to help the Resilience Project you can buy a pair of socks on their website, or check out its Indiegogo.