GREENSBORO, NC -- As of Tuesday morning, freezing temperatures are still causing some issues on roads across the Triad days after a storm system dumped about 4-8 inches of snow on the area.

The main streets that connect different area of Greensboro, for example, are clear but neighborhood roads are still a problem.

A WFMY News 2 crew drove around the city during The Good Morning Show Tuesday to show viewers what some of the neighborhood streets look like.
Maple Street, for example, was still covered in a sheet of ice.
Some of you might notice it's a little harder to get out of your neighborhoods today than it was yesterday.
The nice fluffy snow, at least, gave some traction compared to the slick ice that has now blanketed some of those streets.

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan says road crews have already paved more than a thousand miles of city streets. But because of below freezing temperatures on Monday, crews had a tough time trying to get rid of the ice. Many neighborhood streets remained unplowed. Some areas were salted.
Crews plan to head back out Tuesday.

Bottom line, the neighborhood streets, walkways and sidewalks, for the most part, are still very icy and slick
If you have to get out on the roads, be careful and leave a little earlier than normal so you can take it slow.