SAN ANTONIO -- Jacob Larner considers himself lucky, and it's not just because he gets to suit up to be an Air Force pilot.

“Cancer, in general, can be very difficult,” Larner said. “But a lot of it is staying on the good side, morally. You have to fight to stay positive.”

Jake has spent the last five months fighting lymphoma. He just finished his final round of chemotherapy and is hoping to be given a clean bill of health next week.

On Friday, Jacob took part in the “Pilot for a Day” program at Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph which gives kids dealing with chronic medical conditions a chance to experience the life of an Air Force pilot

“For these kids, it's an opportunity to bring them out of the world that they live in,” Major Gabriel Repucci said. “This is hopefully a welcome distraction.”

Jacob spent the day doing everything a member of the Air Force would do. He suited up as a pilot, jumped in the cockpit of a jet, and even flew in a flight simulator.

His mom has seen Jake go through a lot, and was happy to see him enjoying a day in the life at Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph.

"He is tough as nails,” said Kristie Davidson, Jake's mom." His ability to wake up and try to find something funny, something to smile about and something positive, that's been incredible.”

Jake is quick to point out that cancer is a serious situation, but he says that the best way to deal with cancer is to try and smile or laugh. He said that being a pilot for a day allows him to do just that.