GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Ballet slippers, and little tutus. It’s what you find at most ballet classes.

The same is true for a special group of students who are dancing their way into the hearts of the Triad.

For these kids, dance class is so much more than just learning to move with the music. It’s about finding yourself through dance, creating friendships, and gaining self-confidence.

The ‘Dancing Above The Barre’ program is for children with special needs. The class is something truly special to watch and also to be inspired by as these kids seem to take on the world in a pair of ballet slippers.
They smile, they move, they dance with the music and it is something so magical to watch. The group is awe inspiring as they enjoy every moment of dance class. Each student tackles every move with a smile on their face.

A physical therapist even helps to develop the dance program specifically for children with special needs.
College students serve as volunteers and helpers. They attend special training in order to work with the group of dancers.

The program is 8 weeks and is through the Greensboro Ballet.

The kids will put on spring concerts in April at the Greensboro Cultural Center.

We know the students have been working hard and wish them all the luck!