GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Identical triplets.

Only about five sets are born in the U.S. each year.

Cody and Emily Miller were told the chances of having them are one in a million. And it turned out, they were that lucky.

Emily says it was "a shock."

"You know we were living downtown in a condo, moved to the suburbs," Cody said. "We were driving a crossover, got a mini van."

They also found these rare boys presented a very common problem: refusing to eat their vegetables.

That's where the married couple got the idea to start a new business -- while each kept working a full-time job. They say Funny Bunny Organics was born out of the simple desire to get their kids to eat healthier.

"You know, we wanted to get the kids to eat more vegetables and that was certainly what the expected result was," said Cody. "But ultimately, we wanted to feel like better parents."

To get the triplets to eat more fruits and vegetables, Cody and Emily began mixing up organic jams at their kitchen table: blueberry kale, berry beet, strawberry carrot, and raspberry carrot.

"It's fun to have the boys be a part of it because they are the official taste-testing crew," said Cody.

"The reason that we've been successful in this idea in kind of bringing to fruition in a business is that it solved a problem for us," said Cody.