A new babysitting app, Platinum Sitters, is causing some controversy. It’s been called an uber-like service because it’s an order up babysitting service, much like you’d order an Uber.

This app has many parents talking about the pros and cons. But, we wanted to look at this situation from the kids’ perspectives.

Just because selecting a babysitter on-the-go is convenient for you as a parent, doesn't mean it’s good for your kids. You have to be sensitive to your kids’ personalities. If not then it can be a problem.

Kids who are outgoing and gregarious will do well with hiring a sitter that they don't know. These kids seem to be comfortable around anyone. The downside is that you want to be able to teach your kids to have some discernment with people that they don’t know well. So this is the drawback.

Kids who are socially reserved or shy are the ones who will have a hard time with a sitter on-the-go. These kids might be resistant to the idea. And it could stress them out that there isn’t a “get to know you” period. Stressed out kids could cry, be afraid, stay in their rooms and/or have behavioral outbursts.

To help your kids You gotta talk to your kids. Let them know what’s happening and what to expect. Make sure that they have their lovies handy. Ask them what they need to help them feel more comfortable. Also, let the sitter know what’s going on. Give the sitter ideas on how to help your child relax and feel more comfortable.

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