Yoplait's new campaign, “Mom On" encourages all moms to ignore the haters, Adweek reported.

The campaign outlines when mom's aren't struggling to balance parenthood along with modern life, they face judgment from people not afraid to voice their opinions.

The yogurt brand opens its new campaign video with a scene of a woman breastfeeding in public.

“Yoplait has always had a special connection with women and been a champion for helping moms get their mommying done,” Yoplait's senior manager of marketing communications Susan Pitt told ADWeek, “We know how much moms love their kids and don’t want to be boxed into one right way to mom, so Yoplait is surrounding moms with support and telling them, ‘You’ve got this! Mom On.'”

A related study of more than 1,000 American parents and guardians found that 75 percent of mothers think they’d be happier with a little less judgment, while more than half admitted to taking such criticisms to heart. Nearly a third of participants even said they adjust their behavior in public to avoid being judge

The campaign also includes an “undercover video” produced by NBCU Content Studio starring vlog duo #IMOMSOHARD, who collaborated with Yoplait to answer a crucial question: How many moms will help out a fellow mom facing “a tricky parenting situation?”

The campaign will also include print, radio, digital, social, cinema and in-store advertising along with a 40-market comedy tour and additional content partnerships with unspecified influencers and media properties.