Braden Baker is not your average 10-year-old boy.

Not because he's hearing impaired, but because he has made it his mission to give the gift of hearing to children who otherwise can't afford a hearing aid on their own.

After the family dog ate a set of his hearing aids, mom had to spend $3,500 for a new pair. That got Baker thinking...what happens to the people who can't afford them?

Baker has been using his mom's Facebook page to post video updates about his goal and why he's trying to raise money.

With the help of mom, he started a GoFundMe to help kids get hearing aids.

He started with a goal of $1,000 and has already surpassed that with $11,500.

"I'd like to show people that they can still do what they'd like to even if they have hearing aids like me," he says.

Baker says his special talents include Rubix Cubes, origami and magic but ultimately he'd like to travel the world and raise money so he can give other people a chance at hearing clearly.

His GoFundMe page says the money will go to the "Oticon Hearing Foundation or any other family that needs help" and according to June 13 video update, Baker said he's going to have an interview with Oticon to discuss the next steps.

"These things cost $3,, what? Insurance doesn't pay for those. Why not?" Baker said in his most recent video update.

Originally the campaign was going to end on July 1 but now he says he wants to continue this process and keep raising more money.