A Seattle photographer is going viral after she photographed what was expected to be a regular bridal party shoot.

But during the shoot on Ballard Avenue in Seattle, a little girl nearby was glued to the bride.

Photo by Stephanie Cristalli, via KING 5.

"The girl was just in awe," photographer Stephanie Cristalli said in an email. "She really thought she was seeing a real fairy princess."

The little girl truly thought the bride was the princess from her favorite book.

"Her dad told me that she was obsessed with the Wilkie Collins series of books," Cristalli said. "The book she was holding was Woman in White."

Cristalli calls it "a beautiful moment in time." As the action played out, she just kept shooting photos.

"I never even thought about how endearing the series of photos would be," Cristalli said.

At the moment, she forgot to get contact information from the girl's mom. But the press and social media changed that.

"The best part of the story going viral is that we found the parents and connected with them."