NOTTOWAY CO., Va. (WVEC) -- Eight newborn puppies are being dubbed the "Christmas Miracle Puppies." And when you hear their story, you'll understand why.

Investigators in Nottoway County are working to track down the person(s) responsible for throwing several newborn puppies wrapped in dog food bags into two dumpsters.

Two litters were found on two separate occasions.

The first was found two days before Christmas when a couple throwing away trash found four puppies.

The second litter was found on January 6 in a different dumpster by a man who was dumpster diving in 18-degree weather. He found six puppies, but two passed away after being found bloodied and not breathing.

Both litters were estimated to be around one-week-old at the time they were found.

Via Facebook, Sanctuary Rescue staffers wrote that but all eight puppies are the same breed and were found under the same circumstances in the same county, but the two litters were born on different days.

All eight puppies are being nursed back to health at Sanctuary Rescue. The shelter will hold them until they are eight-weeks-old. At that time, they will be eligible for adoption.

Since the pups don't have a mother to nurse them, rescue staffers are hoping to get donations for formula.

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