(WTSP) - Tonight, the kindness of humanity is helping make one family's Christmas complete.

Andrea Reid and her boyfriend were driving on Interstate 75 South from St. Petersburg to Cape Coral for the holidays early Christmas Eve when they noticed something on the side of the road.

“My boyfriend actually noticed it and said, 'Was that a bag of Christmas presents?' I was like 'What?' I looked and it was. There were Christmas presents laid out,” Reid said.

They got off at the next exit and found seven Christmas presents, most of them still wrapped.

“Some of the paper had come off from sliding on the road. One of them was a game of Operation. There was a pop-up tent and a sleeping bag. We were like, 'Oh my gosh, these are little kid's toys,” she said.

Knowing someone's child would be without presents for Christmas she wanted to try to find them. Her only clue was a tag that read "To: Branson, From: Jack Pops and Wendy."

“I thought, 'I'll post something on Facebook to see if one of my friends knows them. Someone has to be missing this bag of toys.'”

Her post was shared hundreds of times.

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“I've had people contacting me from New York, Kentucky, California like all these places,” she said.

To keep Grinches away, Reid posted a generic picture of a Christmas bag instead of the actual presents.

“I've had a couple people reaching out to me about them, saying, 'Oh I have a son named Branson,' or a friend Branson and none of the names matched up.”

But then, a message she knew was real!

The post read in part, "Branson is my 5-year-old son."

“Branson's mom and dad reached out, and Wendy, who one of the gifts was from, also reached out to me. All the names matched up with people she knew and I thought, 'How is this happening?!”

She learned Branson and his parents live in Fort Myers. The presents flew out the back of his grandparents' truck the night before Reid found them on Christmas Eve.

Now thanks to her kindness and the power of social media, she can make a 5-year-old's Christmas complete. Her generosity is encouraging others.

“I have people on Facebook telling me how inspiring this is and how it was so nice I did the right thing. I didn't think about it at that time. I was just thinking about this poor little kid with no gifts but it makes me feel amazing being able to do this for someone else.”

Reid is now trying to figure out how to get Branson his gifts in Fort Myers. Ideally, she'd like to deliver them in person but that may not be possible because of their work and travel schedules.

In her original post she said, she would donate the presents to charity if she didn't get a reply by Jan. 6, and in just four days it happened.