BURLINGTON, N.C. – For the past four weeks, Ms. Terry’s Exceptional Children’s class has been brewing and delivering coffee orders to teachers around the school.

The teachers place their orders on Thursdays, so the little baristas know what to make the next morning.

The orders are color coded by type of drink, Keurig it will be brewed in, and the hall it will be delivered to.

Each students possesses a different level of functionality and verbality, so those that are able, tell the teachers “Have a great day!” as a way to practice their social interaction skills, while the others high-five it!

Ms. Terry says this project has been a fun way to develop these and other sensory skills.

“I am all the time just trying to think about ways to get them involved in the school and get people to know them and learn who they are,” Terry said.

When Terry posted the idea on Facebook to see if she could get some materials donated, it was a success.

She says, “I read a blog about another teacher in a similar type classroom who does this and I thought ‘My kids can probably do that,’ so I put it out on social media and just asked if anybody had some old materials or Keurig’s that they would let me buy off them for pretty cheap. It kind of snowballed from there and I had everything donated”

Terry says she has gotten a great response from the teachers and are very supportive of the Kidbucks Coffee Cart Fridays, as they call them.

Terry currently has six children in her classroom who all help run the cart at the end of each week.

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