CONCORD, N.C. -- The children of a Concord woman who last half of her right arm after she was bitten by a shark wanted to do something to help their mother.

So to raise money, the kids did what so many other kids do, they opened a lemonade stand hoping to raise money to help get their mother a new arm.

Tiffany Johnson was attacked by a shark while snorkeling in a shallow reef in the Bahamas last week.

Today she looked on as her kids with help from local radio station KISS 95.1 sold lemonade to people who stopped at a Concord 7-Eleven.

"It's a proud 'mama moment' when they want to jump in and help mom," Johnson said.

Doctors are fitting her for a new prosthetic hand and arm and she hopes one day to get an experimental arm that she can move using her own thoughts.

KISS radio spokesperson Roy Brown said when they heard about the kids, the station wanted to help.

"They wanted to do something. We can blast out that we are here broadcasting live and get people to come out and help mom," said Brown.

Tiffany's positive attitude and upbeat spirit have touched many who have heard her story.

She says it is all because of her faith in a higher power.

"God in me is what is shining through so what people see is not me. They see Jesus."

The first surgery on her arm was called a success and she will soon be fitted with a new arm while testing on the hi-tech prototype continues.