Several boulders are painted in memory of Deputy Robert French in El Dorado Hills. However, with rain, sun, and other forces of mother nature, some of those messages may fade.

Kids are hoping to keep his memory alive through decorated and preserved rocks.

"I'm going to do a blue stripe and put a heart in it and say like 1162 because his badge number is 1162," said Kaelei Morreira.

Morreira's father worked with Deputy French.

"My dad used to work with him so it was hard for him to like get through it. So I made it to make him feel better," Morreira said.

She thought rocks were a good idea since they can last longer using a preserve coating. Some of the messages she's been putting on the rocks include "back the blue" and "blue lives matter."

Some younger kids are also participating as well.

Julie Putnam's children don't quite understand what happened to their father's co-worker and friend. They just know he's now at the same place where their dog is now, which is heaven.

Morriera said when people look at her rocks, especially French's family, she wants people to know he's very loved and people care for him and his family.

Deputy French, was killed on Aug. 30 in an officer-involved shooting, he was well known for his ability to de-escalate a situation with his words.