MARVIN, N.C. – How far would you go to care for a beloved pet?

One Charlotte area woman made sure her pet goat — yes, goat — got a prosthetic leg. In fact, he’s one of only two known goats in the country with a prosthetic leg.

Meet Frosty, the 5-year-old goat from Marvin. He kind of always looks like he’s smiling, which is fitting, because he’s pretty funny and quite special.

“Very unusual,” says Alexis Sage, Frosty’s veterinarian. “I’m sure the only one I’ll ever see.”

His owner, Deb Barry, explained that as soon as she saw him, she fell in love.

“He’s very dog-like,” Barry said. “Comes when he’s called, jumps on your lap, (he) is very loving and expressive.”

Frosty was just a baby when he got a bad infection in his right knee. When he was two years old, a bad fall complicated things. Doctors knew they’d have to amputate, and even recommended putting him down.

His owner wouldn’t hear it. Barry thought once his leg was amputated, he would start trying to get around on just three legs.

“We assumed he would get up and walk on three legs and hop,” she said. “He wouldn’t do it, so the only way for him to walk was to have a prosthetic limb attached.”

But prosthetics for goat aren’t an exact science. Frosty’s on his third prosthetic, and this time around, a specialist flew in from Florida and formed a cast so it would fit him just right.

Nearly $10,000 later, and Frosty’s owner knows some people think she’s crazy.

“Yeah, I think many do, including my family,” she said.

But to see him walking around, she says it’s worth every penny.

“It’s wonderful,” she said. “It’s great.”