"We've been here since the first part of August," said Rosie Roderick.

'Here' is the Golden Era Hotel in Lodi. The 73-year-old was kicked out of her long-time apartment amd moved to the hotel with almost nothing.

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"I have my hotel family and my husband," said Rosie.

For Rosie, that was enough.

Rosie met her husband Julian 34 years ago at a Mexican restaurant down the street.

"I was his waitress," said Rosie. "He asked me to sit down with him but I was working so he said he wanted to meet with me later. So I met with him later and we went down to a bar and listened to music, putting quarters in."

Unfortunately, Julian has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He had already battled lung cancer in the past. This time, the doctors said the tumor had spread too quickly.

Julian was given a few months to live and placed in hospice care.

"I'm afraid that I'm gonna get a phone call and they're gonna say he's gone," said Rosie, through tears. "and I'm not gonna be with him."

That's why on Thanksgiving, which is also their anniversary, all Rosie wanted was to be together. She called Lodi Police, asking for a ride. The bus line she usually took was closed for the holiday.

"[The dispatcher] says 'We found you somebody that's going to take you,'" said Rosie. "I'm calling the Lodi Police my knights in shining armour."

Rosie knows this will be their last Thanksgiving together, but she's still finding the little things to be thankful for.

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