With the holidays getting closer every day, couples can feel the stress that comes with this time of year. Jill White-Huffman is a licensed professional counselor and marriage family therapist and has these three tips on how to face your relationship anxieties during the holidays.

First is money. When couples discuss their ideas with one another about holiday spending it is important that they listen to understand rather than hear to respond. Plan a budget for gifts, travel, events, etc. Whatever you decide together stick with your decision.

Second, think about your immediate and extended family balance. Carve out time alone with immediate family members. When one partner insist on making all of the decisions as it relates to activities and visitations to extended family members, this shows a lack of empathy towards the other partner.

And last is traditions. One way for each person to get their suggestions heard is with this exercise. Let each partner shares one idea considering the thought "What can I do to make my loved one happy? You may be different, but being different creates opportunities to build new traditions together.