BEAR CREEK, N.C. – “I love fruitcake!” would be an unpopular opinion based on the answers WFMY News 2 Digital Reporter Laura Brache gathered from passersby in Downtown Greensboro.

Just on the outskirts of the Triad, Southern Supreme Fruitcake is out to change people’s minds about fruitcake.

For more than 30 years, the Scott family has been selling their “Nutty Fruitcake,” which all started when the Scott matriarch, Berta Lou, decided to give up hairstyling.

She started baking her fruitcakes in her daughter Belinda Scott’s garage kitchen and selling them at a Christmas craft show in Raleigh.

“We came together in that garage with a little pizza oven that I bought from home, and we got started,” says Mrs. Scott.

From that first big sale, they "made up about 8-900 pounds of fruitcake, which is a lot of fruitcake and we carried it to a craft show in Raleigh at the Civic Center and we sold it all that show,” said Randy Scott, Mrs. Scott's son and co-owner of Southern Supreme.

And sales have only gone up since then, allowing them to expand into their very own factory which now produces 3,000 pounds of fruitcake a day.

“This year we should produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 220 to 230 thousand pounds of fruitcake,” Scott said. “A lot of fruitcake.”

Scott shares that the key to their fruitcake being so successful was excluding some ingredients like candied oranges and citron, but more importantly adding more nuts than fruits.

“Our cake says so right on the box: more nuts than fruit, and it is,” Scott says of the maligned treat. “In that 300 pounds of batter there’s 95 pounds of pecans and walnuts.”

That’s a pretty nutty batter-to-nut ratio.

And it’s what’s been bringing in customers from all over the United States to their factory since the 90s, where they can also tour the location and sample Southern Supreme’s “& more” products like jellies, chocolates, and mustards.

So, if you’re willing to give fruitcake a second chance, Southern Supreme might be the way to go.

The Scotts will be happily waiting to greet you.

“Have a cup of hot cider or coffee and a piece of fruitcake, make yourself at home,” Scott shared.

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