MARION, Iowa – Every Christmas season, the AbouAssaly family puts up their Church and Nativity scenes in their home of 42 years.

John and Marie AbouAssaly emigrated from Lebanon escaping the civil war in the 1970s.

Over the years, the family has added a different piece to their display which has grown into a much bigger tradition. They call it “The Christmas Room.”

The room features Christmas-themed buildings, statues, and village sets they've collected from trips and different stores.

Their tradition of the Christmas displays began in their home in Lebanon and stayed with them when they began calling the United States their home.

For the AbouAssalys, their Christmas Room is a strong symbol of their family bond and the meaning of home, as their five children were raised under the room that covers the room.

According to Iowa CBS Affiliate, KGAN, thanks to the popular display, their home is not only their home during the holidays, but a home to the entire town of Marion.