A group of inmates at the South Idaho Correctional Institution are finishing a charity project that will bring some smiles to the Middle East.

Over the past few weeks inmates have been crocheting dozens of caps and receiving blankets for Jewish and Palestinian orphans in Israel.

The process involved inmates first teaching each other to crochet then getting to work. All the patterns the inmates created are original works.

One inmate, Brandie, said she picked the skill up quickly, and is already working on her third blanket.

"I learned to crochet here," she said. "I had it down within the first couple of days." 

The inmates say they are happy their work is going toward a great cause. Brandie, who is separated from her own children while incarcerated, says she can’t wait for the orphans to get the items.

"They are made with our love and all of our time and our effort  - a lot of it went into these blankets and I think the babies are going to love them," said Brandie.

The yarn for the project was donated by a volunteer at the facility.

A group called the “Roman Catholic Diocese pilgrimage to the holy land” will deliver the hats and blankets later this month.