PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine State Police K9 Merry and team of heroes bring home missing nine-year-old Rowen Ross on Friday.

The little boy was missing from his school in Stacyville around noon. At approximately 8:00 PM, K9 Merry was put to work after Warden Scott Martin located small footprints in the woods near the school, police said.

The team of heroes consisting of Maine Warden Scott Martin, Baxter State Park Ranger Mike Martin, Sgt. Haines, Tpr. Sylvia and k9 Merry.

The team tracked Rowen through the thick woods, bogs, ice and cold before locating him deep into the woods, according to Maine State Police. “It’s difficult to tell the exact distance the track went into the woods due to the GPS devices freezing up on the trail with a temperature of 3 degrees and wind chill values well below zero.” Police said the distance was well over a mile.

Once Rowan was found safe, he was picked up by a game warden and taken to an awaiting ambulance.