RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Teens across the country spend big bucks to get their hands on a phony driver’s license and it’s up to security staff at bars to catch them.

“We identified probably six the first night we started using the new system,” said Carlos Rivers, General Manager at the Raleigh Beer Garden. “So that was nice, because there were ones when we looked at them we wouldn’t have noticed it just off hand.”

At least two bars on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh are using new technology that makes it easier to bust underage drinkers.

“We put the barcode of the ID on there it automatically comes up with the name, the date and the photo of the person because we’ve got a camera on it with facial recognition,” said Rivera. “It automatically tells them whether they’re of age or not and whether it is a true ID or not.”

The security staff at local bars say it makes their jobs a lot easier.

“It’s been helpful for us,” said Rivers. “It speeds up the process of getting people into the bar.”

The system also tracks people have been kicked out of bars for bad behavior. So, any bar in the U.S. with the technology will have access to the banned list.

But some bargoers are concerned about their privacy.

“I think it could be a little intrusive to some people,” said Will Gann. “I think some people would freak out over the whole camera thing.”

Others say they understand the need for the technology.

“Well, I guess it’s smart to do,” said Lisa Raho. “It’ll catch a lot of people who are drinking underage.”

Employees with PatronScan assure us, your information is secure and is not being used for anything else. They say their system has protections built in to prevent any kind of a privacy breach. It costs a bar around $1,000 for the system itself and $88 a week for the service.