Cottage Inn Pizza is joining the Good Morning Show on Sunday! They're making a delicious deluxe pizza and apple pie-zza.

If you're interested in visiting the restaurant, they're located at 427 Tate Street in Greensboro.

You can also call them at (336) 663-6333.

For a menu and list of Cottage Inn Pizza locations, visit:

Deluxe Pizza

A Cottage Inn homemade dough ball stretched out and topped with delicious pizza sauce and topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onion, green pepper and fresh mushrooms and baked to perfection.

Apple Pie-zza

A Cottage Inn homemade dough ball stretched out on a screen and topped with cheesecake filling (spread as if it were pizza sauce), next add Apple Pie filling to cover the cheesecake filling. Light sprinkle of cinnamon sugar dusted on top before bake. We recommend putting a little extra butter around the crust and sprinkling it with cinnamon sugar for an additional flavored crust.