La Fiesta is whipping up some delicious recipes on the Good Morning Show on Saturday!

General Manager Aldo Hernandez and Assistant Belissa Hernandez are making Tacos de Papa Con Chorizo & Torta de Carne Asada.

You can check out a link to their website here:

If you want to check them out, they have six locations:


1313 Bridford Parkway

(336) 855-6705

High Point

3805 Tinsley Drive

(336) 869-1200


1824 South Church Street

(336) 227-0144


1040 Mebane Oaks Road

(919) 304-6505


216 S Main St, Graham

(336) 350-9277


1409 University Drive

(336) 603-8333

Torta de carne asada

1 bolillo (Mexican bread)

Chopped Steak or Chicken

Red onion chopped

Refried beans


Tomatoes slices

Avocado slices



Grill the steak with onion, and reserve for later

Cut the bread in half to stuffing and grilled it on the inside

In the bottom part spread some refried beans and add some

Lettuce then add the meat, on top of that add the tomatoes put some avocado slices

On the top part of the bread just spread some mayonnaise to your taste and cover.

Grilled the whole torta for a little bit just for warm the bread.

Tacos dorados de chorizo con papa

4 corn tortillas

Vegetable oil in a pan

Potatoes with Chorizo (Mexican sausage)

Sour cream

Queso fresco (or shredded mozzarella)

Sour cream



Cooked potatoes and reserve, grilled chorizo and mix with the potatoes and smash a bit, warm the tortillas and make a roll with potato inside and use some toothpicks to secure then fry the tacos for a bit and serve .Topped with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and tomatoes. Ready!