Zoes Kitchen is kicking off the summer with some delicious food!

They're making a Cauliflower Rice Bowl and Greek Chicken Pita.

If you're interested in visiting Zoes Kitchen, they're located in the Friendly Center: 3352 W Friendly Ave #115, Greensboro, NC 27410.

You can also reach them at (336) 632-9080.

For other locations, visit their website: http://www.zoeskitchen.com

Cauliflower Rice Bowl:

· Chilled Cauliflower Rice

o Place in center of bowl

· Tzatziki scoop and place next to cauliflower rice

· Crumbled Feta – sprinkle on top of cauliflower rice

· Cucumber Slices – place slices to the side

· Skhug – place to the side of the cauliflower rice

· Chopped Dill – sprinkle over the entire dish

· Add a choice of protein:

o Lamb Kafta Meatballs

o Harissa Salmon

o Grilled Chicken

Greek Chicken Pita:

· Pita – place on grill and warm up on each side

· Tzatziki – spread down the center of pita

· Chicken – slice and place on top of tzatziki

· Tomato Slices – place over the chicken

· Spring Mix – place on top of the tomatoes

· Grilled Onions – grill onion an place inside the pita

· Crumbled Feta – sprinkle on top of the onions

· Fold pita and enjoy!