CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As the Carolinas begin to enjoy the warm temperatures of spring, Mecklenburg County has a message for its residents: start taking action against the spread of mosquitoes. 

"Get out there at least once a week, and tip and toss any standing water and you'll have a better summer," said Tim Dutcher, Environmental Health Supervisor with Mecklenburg County. "We have over 1,200 sites throughout the county we know in the past have bred mosquitoes. We go out and check those three to four times a season."

Dutcher says the mosquitoes need that standing water, which can be found in buckets and small children's pools, for their larva to hatch. Without the water, they can't survive. 

"We're expecting another high-pressure mosquito season," said Patrick Helms, Operations Manager with Mosquito Authority. 

Helms and his team were busy spraying a yard in Cotswold Monday afternoon. 

"It knows down and eliminates adult mosquitoes that are harboring during the daytime," he said. "It also creates a repellent barrier."

Mosquito Authority says a yard needs to be sprayed every 21 days. They recommend clients still use bug spray when they go out, even after an application is used.

In addition to "tipping and tossing" every week, Mecklenburg County officials advise everyone to use a repellent with DEET' and to wear long sleeves and pants if possible.