SAN FRANCISCO - Ever wonder if you're being paid what you're worth?

Glassdoor hopes to take the water cooler guesswork out of that question with Know Your Worth, a new site feature that launched in beta late Tuesday.

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Typing in a series of relevant details — current title, salary, employer and location — will trigger an algorithm that creates a graph showcasing what you're making against what the average is for the same position in the field.

For example, punch in assistant store manager with 11 years experience working in Dallas making $55,000, and Know Your Worth lets you know that a number of your peers are making about $7,000 more a year.

Or a senior software engineer with eight years experience who works at Apple making $160,000 a year would learn that is $10,000 above what is typical, but $15,000 below market value.

"Almost since we started (in 2008), one of the most popular features of our site was salary data, so we wanted to take that one step further with machine learning and help people see what they're value is in today's job market," says Glassdoor corporate affairs chief Dawn Lyon, who also serves as the Mill Valley, Calif-based company's chief advocate on equal pay issues.