GREENSBORO, N.C. - Consumer Reports tested paints for value and wear. whether you want indoor or outdoor paint--- their top pics are at Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowes.

The most expensive pick was $43 a gallon. The lowest: $29.

For one-stop shopping, Home Depot is your best bet. Its exclusive Behr Marquee, $43 per gallon, tops our interior paints Ratings, though for about $10 less we also like the Behr Premium Plus Ultra. Among exterior paints, go for the Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior, $39. Ace also has several winners, including the Clark + Kensington Enamel interior paint, $32 per gallon and Clark + Kensington Exterior, $35 per gallon. And Lowe's has some well-priced, top interior paints in the Valspar Signature, $34 per gallon, and the Valspar Ultra, $29.

Regardless of the brand you settle on, remember that buying bulk 5-gallon containers will mean extra savings on major projects.

If you're thinking of getting your grill on this weekend--but you need a new machine. Consumer Reports found their top picks at Lowes, Home Depot and get this...Walmart.

The best of the bunch..

the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 463435115, sold at Walmart for $260. It's compares with the top-rated Weber grill at half the price.