GREENSBORO, N.C.  — You're already paying for the service, so why not make sure you're getting all the perks that come with it?

For example, Amazon Prime gives you more than just free shipping. 

“They have so many other perks that they give you — free music, free movies, free books.  All kinds of things you can take advantage of,” said Duquesne University Marketing Professor Dr. Audrey Guskey.

Users can also take advantage of free photo storage and even discounts on diapers.

You also have hidden perks based on your cell phone plan. 

Verizon users can stream the NFL Network, playoff games and the Super Bowl for free. Users can also sign up for Verizon Smart Rewards. According to the company's website, that gives you access to exclusive deals and savings at local restaurants, retailers and traveling.

Sprint customers can watch the NBA other networks like NASCAR. AT&T automatically plugs you into free Wi-Fi at any affiliated hot spots like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Barnes & Noble. T-Mobile users you can stream as much music as they wish.

Many credit cards come with extra benefits like cash back, rental car insurance, and extended warranties on certain products, but that's not all. AAA members can get more than just travel perks.

“You think of AAA discounts for hotels, for rental cars, maybe even airline discounts. But a lot of time you don’t think of it as going to a restaurant in the area or going to a store and actually getting 15, 20 percent off.  So It’s a very nice perk,” said Guskey.