GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Get ready to pay more next year, if the City of Greensboro passes its proposed budget. The budget for 2017-18 fiscal year, includes an increase to your utility bill.

Jim Westmoreland, Greensboro City Manager, presented a more than $532 million budget to City Council on Tuesday.

The budget includes an increase to water and sewer rates. It means the average bill will increase by $1.59 per month for customers who live inside the city and $1.03 per month for those outside the city that use the services. The increase would be effective July 1.

The budget also includes the following:

  • $835,000 for nonprofit community groups
  • 3-percent merit increase for eligible city employees
  • 5-percent market rate increase for all sworn police and fire employees
  • The budget also maintains the current City property tax rate of 63.25 cents per $100 property valuation for the 8th consecutive year

Upcoming Budget Community Meetings

There’s still time to make your voice known about the budget. Community meetings will be held May 30 and May 31 at 6:00 p.m. at the Greensboro Historical Museum located at 130 Summit Avenue in Greensboro. The budget public hearing will take place June 6 at the City Council meeting.

Adopting a Budget

City Council leaders are expected to adopt a budget during its June 20 meeting.

The full budget will be made available by noon on Wednesday, May 17 check out more: Recommended Budget