CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Is Tropicana really better than an off-brand orange juice?

We're testing your taste buds to find out if there's really a difference between the most expensive and least expensive juice.

Consumer reporter Bill McGinty hit the streets to lead the charge and save you money on one of breakfast's most essential drinks.

McGinty set up shop taste testing with two different orange juices. The first was fresh squeezed Tropicana which cost $3.99. The second was simply the cheapest OJ he could find and cost $2.19.

So, could kids and adults really tell the difference? And is the Tropicana worth the extra $1.80 more?

"To be honest, they're very close," said one taste-tester. "No difference."

In the end, four people picked Tropicana, one person said there was no difference and one person liked the cheaper brand the best.