GREENSBORO, N.C. - There’s an easy way to make your house worth about $5,400 more according to real estate website Zillow. Even better the upgrade costs less than $100. Talk about return on investment. The secret: painting your bathrooms a certain color.

Before we reveal what the magic color is, why we should even take this study seriously? Zillow says it combed through more than 32,000 pictures of home listings on its site. And similar houses with certain paint colors sell for dramatically more than ones with white walls.

Starting outside: Homes painted in a mix of gray and beige sold for almost $3,500 more than brown or tan ones. Add a dark navy or slate gray front door for $1,500 more.

Inside try blue kitchens for $1,800 more. Cadet blue bedrooms for $1,900 more. Also for $1,900 a brown living room and slate blue dining rooms.

And finally, the color with the most impact: Zillow says painting a pale light blue in bathrooms can increase your home value by more than $5,400.

Ben Briscoe WFMY News 2

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