HOUSTON -- The Houston Fire Department responded to reports of multiple burn victims at a church school in the Memorial area late Tuesday morning.

Paramedics were called the Yellow School at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church north of Memorial Drive.

A total of twelve children were injured in the incident and six of them were taken to the hospital. Eleven of the twelve were burned and one child was trampled. According to the Village Fire Department, the students are three and four years old.

The school told KHOU 11 News the injuries were caused by some kind of supervised science experiment taking place outdoors. The school spokesman said he couldn't confirm what kind of science experiment it was, but it resulted in flames.

The Memorial Villages Police Department said that they responded to the incident and that all parents of the students that were injured have been notified. They also added that any parents wishing to come pick up their child may do so but if they have not been contacted, their children are fine.