Amazon has a way to get rid of porch pirates. They want to enter your home to deliver your package.

The company unveiled a new program Wednesday called Amazon Key available Nov 8th.

Instead of leaving your package on your porch, delivery workers would get a code sent to their smart phone to unlock your front door.

So how does it work?

In order to use this service you have to be an Amazon Prime member. You will also need a smart lock and a cloud-enabled camera. Amazon sells a bundle for $249.99.

When the delivery driver arrives, the Amazon Key sends you a notification saying they are there and the camera starts recording. The worker scans the package which sends a message to the cloud, then down to the smart lock. Then the delivery worker just swipes a button on the app that unlocks your door.They will open the door just a crack, slip your package inside, and lock the door again by swiping again. You can watch the whole process live on the security camera.

You will get a notice when the delivery is complete.

Only Amazon workers who are heavily vetted and pass a tough background check will deliver packages. This means you can't get Amazon Key deliveries from FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service, or UPS.

Right now Amazon Key will test in 37 cities. No city in the Triad made the cut.