This comes out of the folder: Because...why not?!?!? We’re talking about LED eyelashes.

We looked at a USATODAY video that explains how the Kickstarter LED lashes work. They flash and sparkle. They light up using tiny batteries and really thin wires. You hide the controlling battery it in the back under your hair. The F.Lashes were released in July.

Now before you say, they're probably expensive or sold at places I wouldn't go, 2WTK spotted them on Walmart’s website. They're fun and surely you can see these being all over the place at Halloween.

But, like with everything you need to be aware of possible issues with these namebrand lashes or the knock-offs that are coming out.

Mashable cites an opthamologist with a warning about the low level of heat the strips would give off which could cause eye dryness. F.Lashes creators noted people with photosensitivity might want to steer clear of the lighted lashes.