GREENSBORO, N.C.-- A Greensboro woman is fired up and wants a straight answer from the post office, after what she's calling spotty delivery service.

Anika Trahan said she is frustrated because things out of her control are causing her to not get her mail.

Since she moved to McAdoo Ave last spring, it's been a battle over the mailbox.

Trahan said when a car is parked too close to the mail box she doesn't get her mail, but sometimes there is nothing she can do about it.

"It's a public street there is no restriction on parking here. If the post office requires a certain amount of space then they need to petition the city and get parking signs that say don't park here at every single building," Trahan explained.

And now - she has to wait on her porch to get her mail. She said if she is there she always gets her mail even if that means meeting the carrier at the curb.

"It's incredibly annoying. I don't want the carrier to feel like deliver my mail, but if there was anything critical then I would worry about it. " Trahan said

The post office said in a statement that "Access to a curbside mailbox must allow safe and convenient deliver by carriers without leaving their vehicles...If the problem persists, we will contact the customer to discuss viable options."

She says she's only received a few pieces of mail with BB written on them. BB means blocked box.

But Trahan wants to know the exact distance for delivery access.

"There has to be some way to make sense of what the rules are. It can't be arbitrary and subjective." Trahan said.

Trahan recorded a video of the carrier skipping her house and brought it to a post office supervisor Wednesday, but said nothing was resolved.

Trahan hopes eventually something changes.

"I live here. I want to park in front of my house. I want to be courteous to my carrier. I want to get my mail. " Trahan said.