PRINCEVILLE, NC -- Princeville Elementary School has been empty for 5 months, and now the school board is discussing its future.

Edgecombe County School District says 110 kids are still living in hotels in 5 surrounding areas. The school was forced to close back in October 2016 after Hurricane Matthew flooded the building.

Superintendent John Farrelly says because of the displaced students, it's cost the district $300,000 to bus them back and forth from school.

He says with people packing up and leaving Princeville for good, the district has not been able to make a decision on what to do with the elementary school.

The Edgecombe County School system met with dozens of parents on Thursday to discuss what to do with Princeville Elementary.

At this point, no official decision has been made. The school board wants to rebuild, but they are trying to get a commitment from parents to make sure there are enough kids showing up for school at the end of summer.