Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will go head-to-head in their final debate Wednesday night.

The latest CBS News Poll shows 46 percent of women voters believe Trump does not respect women at all.
It also found that 63 percent of registered voters do not think Clinton is honest and trustworthy.

Political Expert Jason Husser with Elon gave some healthy perspective.

WFMY News 2 asked do third party or writ-in votes sway elections?

Husser said those voters make up less than 10 percent of all voters. However, in a very close race they can certainly have the ability to change the outcome.

When it comes to Trump's claims of the election system being rigged, Husser said that's highly unlikely.

"Short answer, only with extreme difficulty can that happen," Husser said.

An election can be rigged in three ways.

1. Machines counting the votes have a systematic error.

2. Voter impersonation. However, the chance of that happening is very rare. It would require coordination from a lot of people to pull that off.

3. Voter suppression. That's something we saw a lot before 1970 when groups of people were not allowed to vote.

When it comes to the debate tonight. Husser said Trump needs to turn the momentum going very hard against him right now.

He's behind in the national polls and most of the swing states.

"He needs to move the needle. All Clinton needs to do is maintain the status quo." Husser said.